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Mālie holistic CBDhas been created to incorporate more aloha into our lives, when things are a little heavier or frenetic. The past two years, Gina, the founder, was lucky enough to work in the CBD industry while it was on its rise, and since then she’s been incorporating CBD into her own meditation and yoga practice when needed.

It has helped her tremendously, so when she started to teach, she decided to bring CBD along with her into the yoga world, by sharing her experience and the benefits of intuitive CBD use. For the extra stressful days, to unwind into better sleep, to tune in deeper into self awareness, soothe PMS or gut health and pain – this plant medicine is peaking for the right reasons.

Did the world need another CBD oil brand? Not necessarily. But the motivation behind Mālie holistic CBD was pretty easy: Gina wanted to share and use a non industrial product in her classes, something that she knew where it was coming from, and is as simple as possible. So Mālie holistic CBD is here to give the opportunity to explore a world that still is seen as contradictory, and we want to share it especially with those who have been hesitant to try. Mālie holistic CBD is available for purchase only in Switzerland.

Our Promise to You


Handmade & on a Mission

Mālie holistic CBD is handcrafted with intention. Our goal is being of impact. That’s why CHF 5.00 of each purchase are donated towards organizations committed to fight against plastic pollution in oceans.


Minimal Ingredients

Mālie holistic CBD consists of Swiss CBD, a carrier oil, and natural aromas. We refuse to add any sugar or other ingredients. Our oil remains in the most natural state possible.


Small Batches

Mālie holistic CBD has a stock of approximately 50 bottles per kind. Once they’re gone, you’ll have to be patient.


Organic & Demeter

Mālie holistic CBD has put extra effort into using only organic Swiss CBD, organic Grapeseed oil and Demeter certified aromas, in case a flavoured oil is chosen.

Hawaiian Inspired. Made in Switzerland.

There is something about Hawaii that is hard to put into words. Yes, your first experience there will be very vacationy, but that’s only the surface. Once you’re there for longer, you’re sucked in and it will show you parts of yourself you probably forgot. Things you don’t really want to experience will resurface, and it will take things away that you don’t need anymore, for your own good, even if understanding it in that moment is impossible. A little bit like Kali.

It’s a powerful land full of microclimates – from the snowy top of a volcano, to white sandy beaches, you get it all. I was lucky enough to meet locals and get to know how Hawaii changed in history and what they experienced. The thing I loved the most was how attached they are to their land. How they want to protect it, take care of it, and pass it on to the new generation. How to pay respect to mother earth. – Gina, Founder of Mālie holistic CBD

We Donate.

“To give back to the land that has inspired Mālie holistic CBD, and every other country surrounded by the sea – facing an incredible plastic pollution. And after the islands of water bottles and waste witnessed during my travels, it was my greatest wish to create something that will contribute to the preservation of our seas. I changed a few habits, and I am sure that as a collective we can do a lot. This is why CHF 5.00 from each purchase will be donated to organizations fighting plastic pollution and destruction in oceans. So far proceeds have gone to OceanCare (Switzerland) and Sea Shepherd (US)”

Gina - Founder of Mālie holistic CBD

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