EVENT: PSYCHEDELIC BREATH meets YIN YOGA & SOUND VIBRATIONS – explore some more. full moon forest edition @ YOGA SCHEUNE – 18/08/2024




explore some more.
full moon forest edition

“My heart is abundant”

Join us in a shala by the feet of the forest, surrounded by its sounds and nature for a full moon practice designed around the abundand and lush elements of summer, it’s expansive power, to gather energy, ease and new insights. An opportunity to leave your busy schedule behind, return home to yourself while enjoying the warm season and watching the magic of your inner realm unfold.


This CBD infused journey will give you the opportunity to practice what often gets forgotten – inner yoga.
We strengthen our vessel often, but how many times you truly create space to explore the bits of your inner realm, your subconscious, digging a little deeper, in all hidden corners?


During this 3h workshop, you will be able to embrace all of it – accessing the deep layers of the body in yin yoga with sound vibrations elements (singing bowl and tuning fork massages), expanding and gathering fresh energy with breathwork, to leave resetted and with new insights that may have arose from the practice and space you’ve created. All of this supported by plant medicine, a tool that reinforces surrendering, deepening and further relaxation.


Sunday, August 18th, 2024 2-5PM
Yoga Scheune, Burgrain 37, 8706 Meilen




– An introduction to CBD
– CBD oil shot of choice
– Yin Yoga & Sound Vibrations for activation with Gina
– Psychedelic Breath with VaniDevi
– Electronic music & Sound healing elements
(singing bowls and tuning forks massages)

– CHF 10 off on any CBD oil purchase after class


About Psychedelic Breath
Psychedelic Breath is a dynamic breathing ritual developed by Eva Kaczor, a powerful practice that can influence the body on various levels, shut down your inner critc and allow exploration of who you really are, bringing insights to the surface on who you really are and where you’d like to go from here. The conscious use of the breath allows the physical intelligence to erase blocking thoughts and let transformation happen, directly from the gut – the intuitive center of the body. Psychedelic Breath challenges and yet supports inner development. The method has been developed to be practiced along the arts of electronic music throughout the various breathing cycles.

About Yin Yoga and Sound Vibrations
In yin yoga, a pose is held up to 3-6 minutes.
Each pose has a rebound in between of a few minutes. A rebound means bringing the body in a neutral position to benefit from the asana you just practiced. In these moments you will enjoy a variety of massages performed either with singing bowls on your body or tuning forks. These massages induce more grounding, calm and reinforce the energy flow (chi) in your body.

VaniDevi (Psychedelic Breath)
VaniDevi completed a multi annual Yoga training at Yoga Vidya in the tradition of Swami Sivananda. Her classes are suitable for all levels and including not only classical Hatha Yoga but also restorative sequences and aspects of Bhakti Yoga.
Her spiritual name is „Madhur VaniDevi», which means „sweet voice “- derived from her love for music. Since two decades VaniDevi has been working for a major label. She discovered yoga after a severe back injury in the mid-90s as a healing therapy. This allowed her to again live painless and stable as well as increase and improve body tension and posture. Furthermore, she is very well known for her HathaMantraFlow events and expands her classes with kundalini practices, tuning forks and breathwork. VaniDevi has recently expanded her studies in breathwork and completed her Psychedelic Breath training with Eva Kaczor.

Gina (Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra/Sound Healing/Sivananda Inspired Hatha)
Gina has stumbled upon all things Yoga and meditation in 2015, while googling methods to improve sleeping patterns, as she has the tendency to be quite a night owl, you know… Her practice made her build trust into the various processes of life, the low and the high rides, guiding her out of places of grief and a burn out. She has travelled extensively for the past 10 years, and let the practice shape her journeys around the world. She made it her mission to show in her teachings that it’s OK to slow down, it’s even necessary, in order to evolve and grow. She is a certified yoga teacher and merges her classes with yoga nidra, shamanic sound healing, tuning forks and yin yoga. Gina has been working in the CBD industry since 2017, founding the first plant medicine infused classes in Zurich two years later, sharing her deep knowledge about it with the aim to take away people’s potential fear about the plant, and encouraging an intuitive use of natural remedies for a deeper practice, pain management or anxiety relief. In 2021, Gina has expanded her studies by attending an additional advanced yoga nidra training and by going more in depth on the use of tuning forks.

Should you be pregnant, on anti-depressants or suffer from epilepsy, then this class is not for you.

*event is non refundable
*spots are limited
*no parking available, please come by public transportation (15min from Zurich HB)
* no discount codes can be applied to this booking (gift vouchers and class vouchers are excluded from this policy)

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