FULL MOON RITUAL – THE END OF YEAR PRACTICE – activate. expand. – Hatha Yoga x Yin Yoga & Sound Vibrations – The Radiant Heart Studio 29/12/2023


The end of year practice – a full body experience.

activation – out of the mind, into the body
expansion – an immersion into inner landscapes
a revival for the physical and soul self.

Stop your busy schedule revolving around the to dos and festivities at the end of the year, to create space for yourself, during this time. Gaining energy and new insights, easing the mind and letting new insights unfold. Enter the practice with curiosity, with no expectations yet open to whatever unravels. This is your very own me-time and personal end of year celebration on the last full moon of the year.

It’s also called the Long Night Moon, since it’s seen above the horizon for an abnormally long time. That’s the astronomical impact, but when it comes to the astrological effects, our words have power under this potent full moon. Use yours wisely by telling your loved ones how much you care for them. Pay attention to the themes that come up for you now, as they function as a window into your 2024 future.

We will create space with an energizing Hatha Yoga practice to then stretch and tune in inwards in a CBD Infused Yin Yoga & Sound Vibration session. The last part will be all about long holds, poses focused on the winter elements to rewire energy flow (pressure points and organs according to chinese medicine), and induce an expanding, meditative state for body, mind and soul. Sound and tuning fork massage elements will be incorporated to make sure you’ll leave like you’ve been on a week long vacation.

Friday, December 29th, 2023 7-10 PM
The Radiant Heart Studio, Rüdigerstrasse 17, 8045 Zürich



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Sivananda Inspired Hatha Yoga (75min)
An introduction to CBD & CBD shot of choice for your practice (various strenghts & flavors – 15min)
Candle lit Yin Yoga & Sound Vibrations (75min)
Sound Healing Savasana (15min)

The Full Moon Ritual Goodie Bag (Vegan Leather Journal / Smudge Stick)
CHF 10 off any Malie purchase after class
Snacks, Tea, Sharing & Goodbye Hugs



Hatha Yoga for Energy Activation
The  Hatha part  is heavily inspired by the Sivananda sequence – which simply put has a set of sun salutations and the same set of asanas, adjustable to any level, practiced with an emphasis to connect the movements with the breath. The practice also puts a heavy focus on resting poses in between, to benefit from each sequence. Repetition might sound boring – instead, it’s the paving ground for gathering self discipline, tune in with ourselves and notice our improvements. The sequence will leave the body energized and ready to explore the next bit of the workshop.

Yin Yoga, Sound Vibrations & Yoga Nidra for deep introspection
This session will contain poses that will rebalance our nervous system during this winter season, relieve anxiety and soothe the mind. They will go along with the season’s element and the stretches will be beneficial for this period’s organs and meridians. In yin yoga, a pose is held up to 3-6 minutes.
Each pose has a rebound in between of a few minutes. A rebound means bringing the body in a neutral position to benefit from the asana you just practiced. In these moments you will enjoy a variety of massages performed either with singing bowls on your body or tuning forks. These massages induce more grounding, calm and reinforce the energy flow (chi) in your body.
The session will be supported by plant medicine – which can reinforce a soothing, relaxing feeling, and shut down the clutter of thoughts we sometimes carry.

This class is a well rounded practice for body, mind and soul – for anyone, any level, to explore and reset with curiosity towards one self. This workshop is great for anyone who wishes to hit the pause button, practice self care and let themselves be carried by the current moon energy.

Gina (Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra/Sound Healing/Sivananda Inspired Hatha)
Gina has stumbled upon all things Yoga and meditation in 2015, while googling methods to improve sleeping patterns, as she has the tendency to be quite a night owl, you know… Her practice made her build trust into the various processes of life, the low and the high rides, guiding her out of places of grief and a burn out. She has travelled extensively for the past 10 years, and let the practice shape her journeys around the world. She made it her mission to show in her teachings that it’s OK to slow down, it’s even necessary, in order to evolve and grow. She is a certified yoga teacher and merges her classes with yoga nidra, shamanic sound healing, tuning forks and yin yoga. Gina has been working in the CBD industry since 2017, founding the first plant medicine infused classes in Zurich two years later, sharing her deep knowledge about it with the aim to take away people’s potential fear about the plant, and encouraging an intuitive use of natural remedies for a deeper practice, pain management or anxiety relief. In 2021, Gina has expanded her studies by attending an additional advanced yoga nidra training and by going more in depth on the use of tuning forks.


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